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Horizontal Drilling

Directional drilling can reduce oil and gas wells’ surface impacts while also improving production.

Also called horizontal drilling or deviated drilling, directional drilling involves deliberately shifting a well’s path from the vertical. Wells can be deviated until they are running horizon…

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MWD/LWD rent

GDS offers directional drilling, LWD, and MWD technologies designed to reliably and effectively meet a full range of operational requirements. From high-volume pad drilling in North America and Asia to offshore basins around the world, our tools and services enable operators to increase drilling…

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Side Track Services

To drill a secondary wellbore away from an original wellbore. A sidetracking operation may be done intentionally or may occur accidentally. Intentional sidetracks might bypass an unusable section of the original wellbore or explore a geologic feature nearby. In the bypass case, the secondary wel…

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Mud Field Services

Oil mud emulsions are used to reduce filtration loss, alleviate sticky hole problems, improve drilling rate, and increase drill bit life. With oil muds, soft sticky gumbo shales may be drilled without washing out or caving into the wellbore, and producing formations with clay within their pore s…

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Casing Running

GDS casing and tubular running services are the right choices for efficient casing and tubular running. When you need expert handling of exotic chrome tubulars, for any job from the simplest to the most challenging, we have the answer that minimizes rig time.

Our casing and tubing running se…

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Bit and Reamers Running

Using world class under-reaming drill bit technology and pile top drilling equipment, it is easy to reduce the amount of energy that is required to drive a pile to its target elevation.

GDS is confedent in the design and engineering of under reaming technology. Our equipment has the ability t…

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GDS provides a full range of oil and gas well cementing services, which are essential to maintain well integrity. Applications vary from conventional to HTHP and unconventional wells. Successful cementing operations result in a cement sheath to bond and support casing and provide good zonal isol…

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Directional Drilling

At GDS, we combine in-house manufactured downhole tools with directional drilling expertise and experience to seamlessly execute J-type, S-type, deviated and horizontal drilling applications both onshore and off. With high temperature motors and MWD/LWD tools, we’re equipped to operate in even t…

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