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Directional Drilling

At GDS, we combine in-house manufactured downhole tools with directional drilling expertise and experience to seamlessly execute J-type, S-type, deviated and horizontal drilling applications both onshore and off. With high temperature motors and MWD/LWD tools, we’re equipped to operate in even the most challenging downhole drilling conditions.

GDS ensures reliability through systematic planning, competent and experienced personnel, as well as unsurpassed leading edge technology and in-house manufacturing. Our services are backed by high levels of health, safety and environment, quality and operational standards, as well as defined processes and procedures shaped by decades of industry experience.

Typical directional drilling services include:

  • Rig site supervision
  • Well planning
  • Drilling
  • Engineering support

GDS's own directional drilling technology includes:

  • Drilling motors (Cougar MM4, MMR Plus)
  • Rotary Steerable System
  • MWD System (Dir-GR-Vibration)
  • LWD System (PWD, Resistivity)
  • Survey Systems (Single and Multi-Shot Electro-Magnetic Survey Systems)


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