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Mud Field Services

Oil mud emulsions are used to reduce filtration loss, alleviate sticky hole problems, improve drilling rate, and increase drill bit life. With oil muds, soft sticky gumbo shales may be drilled without washing out or caving into the wellbore, and producing formations with clay within their pore spaces will not be as affected by swelling, which impairs permeability. Some reservoirs that will not produce when drilled with water-based mud will become commercially viable when drilled and completed with oil-based mud. Oil muds are also routinely used for drilling horizontal holes because of the lubricating properties they possess.

The GDS Oil Mud Laboratory retort analysis is a standard guide for controlling the oil/water ratio, which influences the viscosity and filtration of the oil mud. Labware and reagents are included for deemulsification and for the determination of the aniline point, alkalinity, calcium, and chloride content. Everything is housed in a convenient stainless steel cabinet with lots of storage space and shelving for ease of usage.

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